Standard 1: Personal Health and Fitness (Nutrition Unit)

During my student teaching, I taught a unit on Nutrition.  Below you will find an outline for the entire unit, including student learning objectives, content outline, and methods used.  

Nutrition Unit Plan

TOPIC:  Nutrition
TIME FRAME/# OF LESSONS:  44 minutes/8 lessons 
10.1.6.C – Analyze nutritional concepts that impact health
·         Caloric content of foods
·         Relationship of food intake and physical activity (energy output)
·         Nutrient requirements
·         Label reading
·         Healthful food selection 
10.2.6.B - Explain the relationship between health-related information and consumer choices.
·         Dietary guidelines/Food selection

            The student will examine positive attitudes about food.
            The student will identify how food affects the body.
            The student will examine the food guide pyramid.
            The student will know the six nutrients.
            The student will compare and contrast food labels.
            The student will explain a healthy eater.
            The student will differentiate between internal and external influences.
            The student will analyze the food guide pyramid. 
            The student will express his/her healthy lifestyle.
            The student will share his/her favorite food.
            The student will share information on the six nutrients.
            The student will express his/her feelings on healthy eating habits. 
            The student will design a healthy meal.
            The student will create a balanced meal.
            The student will illustrate a healthy eater. 
            The student will prepare a healthy meal. 

I.  Positive Attitudes about food
            A. Bodies – all shapes and sizes
            B. Shapes – neither good nor bad
            C. Food affects our health
            D. Growth and body functions
            E. Healthy diet
            F. Respect your appetite
            G. Good vs. Bad
II. Food Guide Pyramid
            A. Grains
            B. Vegetables
            C. Fruits
            D. Milk
            E. Meats and Beans
            F. Oils
            G. Activity
            H. Recommended Amounts
III. Six Nutrients
            A. Carbohydrates
            B. Fat
            C. Protein
            D. Vitamins
            E. Minerals
            F. Water
IV. Nutrition Labels
            A. Nutrient content claims
            B. Health claims
            C. Nutrition Facts Panel
            D. Ingredient listing
V. Internal and External Influences on Food
            A. Internal Factors
            B. External Factors
            C. Food Allergies
VI. Nutritional needs during puberty
            A. Puberty – Period of Rapid Growth
            B. Height and weight changes
            C. Calorie
            D. Essential Nutrients

1. Lecture
2. Videotape
3. Chalk Board
4. Question and Answer
5. Mind Map
6. Graffiti Wall
7. Jig Saw
8. Overhead
9. Drawings
10. Demonstrations
11. Poster
12. Group Projects
13. Small group work
14. Brainstorming
15. Worksheets
16. Brochures
17. Butcher Paper
19. Jeopardy
20. Discussion

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